Our Core Curriculum

Quantum Leap Programs

  • Transform Lives
  • Save Years of Time
  • Easily and Effortlessly Remove Blocks
  • Get You Where You Want to Go Fast

Our core curriculum consists of instruction and certification on three very powerful, proprietary tools which work together as an integrated system that leads to quantum leap results which are unparalleled. To receive certification as a Quantum Leap Specialist, all three courses must be completed satisfactorily.


The first course provides instruction in administering and interpreting the baseline assessment, the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP). CORE MAP measures deeply and broadly to reveal the inner nature and how effectively it is being used, and provides the practitioner with essential specifics for affecting rapid, exponential growth.


The second course provides instruction in administering and interpreting the Success-GPS assessment which reveals what an individual is doing or not doing to get the results they are experiencing. Success-GPS is a powerful tool for formulating laser-focused coaching/training strategies which provide the fast, effective results people seek in a coach or consultant.

The third course provides training in a method that easily, effortlessly and permanently removes mental and emotional blocks and which has a success rate that exceeds 97%. This method, Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning (RAMP) is effective even where other methods have failed.
The core curriculum provides you with the tools you need to help clients:
  • Discover their authentic self, passion and purpose in life
  • Step onto their true life and career path
  • Get all the old blocks and barriers out of the way so they are free to walk their path easily, effortlessly and successfully.
Elective courses provide done-for-you programs that allow you to take your clients as far as they need to go to achieve high level success.
Some of the Elective Programs Available are:
  • Creating Abundance
  • Design Your Dream Life
  • SNAP for Success (Sales, Negotiation, Assertiveness and Persuasion training)
  • The Connection Code (Relationship Building)