The Pay-It-Forward Scholarship

It is said that the way to get wealthy is to find a need and fill it. The need for release from stress, trauma, fear, depression and a host of other mental and emotional blocks has never been greater. With stressful living comes the need to minimize and manage pain and anxiety, discover one’s passion and gain foundational success strategies for living life fully and successfully. That is the magic you will have at your fingertips upon completion of Quantum Leap Specialist training and certification.

Adding Success-GPS, CORE MAP and RAMP adds magic to your coaching tool box. Rather than taking months or even years to get their desired results, you can get clients very impressive results quickly and easily – sometimes in an hour or less.

There is nothing more fun, fascinating and satisfying than seeing people who have been lost or stuck for years suddenly become crystal clear about who they are, where they are headed, and what they are capable of, and setting them free to be their best self, and live authentically and successfully. These are the unique and powerful results you will be able to affect with the Quantum Leap System.

Because we want every truly dedicated coach to be able to have these powerful tools, we offer a Pay-It-Forward scholarship that reduces your tuition by $7,500


Not only does the Pay-It-Forward Scholarship reduce your tuition by $7,500, it also qualifies you to take advantage of our 12-month and 18-month easy pay plans.

Tuition for the full program without the scholarship – Includes Success-GPS (levels 1 and 2), CORE MAP and RAMP, is $15,087 and worth every cent because you receive all the training and mentoring you need to succeed in an infinitely fascinating profession where you are profoundly and dramatically changing lives in ways no other form of coaching, or even therapy, can provide.

With the Pay-It-Forward Scholarship, tuition is just $7,587 if paid in full. With the 12-month easy pay program, payments are just $675 a month. With the 18-month easy pay program, payments are just $450 a month. The scholarship and payment structure makes this game-changing program available to any serious, dedicated coach.


At the recommended rate for a The Quantum Leap Package (Success-GPS assessment with facilitation, CORE MAP with facilitation, and a single RAMP session), you only need 1 client per month to more than cover the 12-month payments. The

recommended cost for the Quantum Leap Package is $997 and requires about 4 hours to administer.*

At level 2 Success-GPS training, you will learn a group coaching method that allows you to make $1,000 an hour or more, which means you can earn more than your tuition payment in just one hour.*

* These statements are not to be construed as income guarantees. They are simply statements of what is possible and what other practitioners have accomplished. As in any business, your level of income depends on your business and marketing skills.

Application for the Quantum Leap Pay-it-Forward Scholarship

As the name implies, the goal of the Pay-It-Forward Scholarship is to provide highly affordable tuition to students who:

  1. Will commit to continue coaching for at least five years
  2. Are willing to give back to others in exchange for a greatly reduced tuition
  3. Agree to remain an active Quantum Leap Specialist for a minimum of five


Scholarship recipients repay the $7,500 allowance toward tuition by providing 50 hours of service over a 5-year period (an average of 10 hours per year):

  1. Mentoring new students once the scholarship recipient becomes proficient at

administering Success-GPS, CORE MAP and/or RAMP and/or 2. Providing free RAMP sessions for study subjects once proficient. (We are

currently conducting two independent studies to establish the efficacy of the Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning (RAMP) method in eliminating PTSD; one for combat related PTSD and one for non-combat related.)

Scholarship Application Form

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