Quantum Leap Specialist

Quantum Leap University is a coaching specialty and certification academy focused on providing life, executive and leadership coaches with the tools and training to provide exceptional results in record time.

The Quantum Leap System is an integrated system that is both practical and therapeutic. It provides powerful tools which coaches, entrepreneurs and leaders who use a coaching model use to provide their clients with deep insights into who they are authentically, to help them discover and release old patterns that linger from childhood experiences, and to provide with laser-like accuracy, a clear view of what clients are currently doing or not doing to get the results they are getting so they don't waste precious time searching blindly. Time is money and time is life, and taking the long, slow road results in the loss of both.  Quantum Leap Coaches don't waste time. They get their clients where they want to go faster and with far greater ease.
Core Curriculum

Our core curriculum consists of three key components that combine to provide results that are unprecedented for affecting powerful, positive change.
The Three Key Components are:
1. CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP)

CORE MAP does everything the name promises; provides a clear map to the true core self. It is an amazing catalyst for self-discovery that can help you guide your clients through the maze of conditioning, socialization and other life detours, and lead them to their true, authentic self in record time.
From a place of authenticity, clients gain new clarity, increased energy levels, and a greater sense of happiness, contentment and direction.
CORE MAP gets deep beneath the surface where the real issues lie in just one session. It reveals development levels across all measurable human traits, emotional intelligence, coping patterns, tolerance levels and so much more with exceptional accuracy.
Imagine the confidence a client will have in you as a coach or consultant when you can immediately connect at a deep level...when you can clearly convey that you understand their challenges and can provide a clear and speedy path to powerful transformation.


2. Success-GPS

Success-GPS is personal global positioning system that reveals exactly what an individual is doing or not doing to get the results he/she is now getting and provides a laser-focused road map for arriving at the desired destination in the fastest, most efficient way.

The number one reason most people are not making the progress they are capable of making is because they don't know what to adjust for better results. The Success-GPS solves that problem easily and effectively.

The Success-GPS Playbook is a done-for-you premium coaching program you can use for individual or group coaching.  


3. Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning (RAMP)

RAMP is a highly effective, yet fully positive approach that works directly with the subconscious mind to affect immediate and lasting positive change in the fastest, most direct way possible.

Twenty years of research has shown this amazing process to be more than 97% effective and longitudinal studies which followed clients for up to ten years have found the powerfully positive results achieved through RAMP to be lasting and effortless to maintain.

RAMP instantly and effortlessly removes subconscious blocks and barriers that prevent individuals from being and doing what they want to do and sets them free to get the results they desire. There is no other method more effective than RAMP. It is not uncommon to have clients state that they have tried everything, including traditional therapy and hypnotherapy, without success prior to experiencing RAMP and then to experience complete success with RAMP. 


  • Heals the past and eliminates limiting and unproductive behaviors instantly and permanently
  • Heals emotional wounds, including those that stem from abuse and grief
  • Removes fear, guilt, doubt, shame and other negative and limiting emotions
  • Eliminates the effects of PTSD, depression and other debilitating disorders fast
  • Relieves pain and helps the body heal faster
  • Repatterns any non-beneficial belief or concept for easy, effortless success

The Combination of CORE MAP, Success-GPS and RAMP is the most effective system we know of for getting powerful, profound results in record time. As a trained practitioner, you will get your clients farther, faster than you or they ever imagined possible. The result for you is a reputation for being brilliant at getting desired results easily and with great speed; a reputation that can propel you to the very top of the coaching/consulting profession and put you in high demand.

Definitions of Terms
Quantum Leap: A precipitous change, sudden increase, or dramatic advance

System:  A regularly interacting or interdependent group of items that form a unified whole.

Integrated: To make into a whole by bringing all parts together; unify; to join with something else; unite.

Practical: Of or relating to, governed by, or acquired through practice or action, rather than theory, speculation or ideals; level-headed, efficient, and unspeculative; actually engaged in a specified occupation or a certain kind of work; practicing; capable of or suitable to being used or put into effect; concerned with the production or operation of something useful.

Therapeutic: Of or relating to the treatment of disorders or disease by remedial agents or methods; curative as providing or assisting in a cure; serving or performed to reestablish or maintain health.

Eudaimonia: A Greek word commonly translated as happiness and a general state of prosperity and well-being; the contented state that emerges from being happy, healthy and prosperous; the highest human good.

Consultant: One who gives professional advice or services; an expert advisor. Consultants provide the tools and strategies to help clients move ahead on his/her own. They don’t typically spend a lot of time on long-term one-to-one instruction.  

Coach: One who instructs or trains (such as an acting coach or sports coach); one who instructs in the fundamentals of successful application and directs it by applying effective strategies. Coaches provide the tools and strategies to help the client to move ahead, but are also willing to spend the time working with clients one-to-one over time.

Our coaching model incorporates the methods of typical coaching models, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. Simply asking high-value questions, as is the standard for most coaching models, will not uncover unconscious programs and ingrained patterns that are preventing progress, nor will it lead to quantum leap results. Our model follows the original coaching model as has been applied to sports, acting, dance, music and other applied functions.

Life, as in sports, acting, dance, music and other applied functions, is only successful and well played if we are using the correct techniques, strategies and mindset. Quickly, easily and effectively eliminating erroneous techniques, strategies and mindset and helping clients replace them with those that are success producing in the fastest, easiest way is what the Quantum Leap System does.

The Quantum Leap body of work is a fully integrated system which includes three highly effective, proprietary tools. The foundation of the system is called Quantum Leap3. The “3” in the name refers to the three parts of the system and is expressed as an exponent representing the cube. A cube represents every dimension—every angle and so does the Quantum Leap System. Our tag line is “exponential growth from every angle™” and that’s exactly what the system provides.

In today’s fast paced world, if we are not moving forward rapidly, we are falling behind and no one can afford to do that. The Quantum Leap system provides coaches, consultants, therapists and other change agents with the finest tools for rapid positive change available anywhere.