The FIRE Factor

All business owners have one primary goal; to get good customers. Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and how easy or challenging it is to get them differs from business to business. Among the most challenging, when it comes to getting a steady flow of customers, is the business of coaching, and there are many reasons for that.

One is that coaching is not seen as an essential for most people. Another is that most coaches see just about everyone as a potential customer so their message isn’t specific enough to be compelling.

Why coaches are reluctant to narrow their focus is understandable. After all, everyone could stand to improve their performance and outcomes, right? And why shut anyone out? While it might be true that coaching can be beneficial to a lot of people, taking that broad approach presents a big problem; we can’t reach everyone effectively, and we sure can’t serve everyone effectively. And if we can’t reach the right people with a compelling offer, we are going to struggle to even stay in business, much less grow a successful one.

To be successful, every business has to choose a niche; a specific group of people with a specific problem that we can help them solve. Until we know who our client is and what they desperately want, we can’t possibly fashion a message that will attract and interest them.

And, once we have their attention, we have to be able to give them something they really want right up front when they are deciding whether we are their best choice.

Get those three things right – (1) attract the right people (2) with the right message and (3) give them something they really want right up front – and success is inevitable.

two women talkingBecause coaching covers such a broad spectrum, no one can help you find your ideal tribe without working with you individually so you’ll either need to get clear on that on your own, or enlist the aid of an expert. And, until you know who your ideal tribe is and what they really want, no one can help you fashion an effective message, and you can’t even do it yourself.

But no matter what your niche is, I can tell you what every single person who reaches out to a you, or any other coach, for help really wants, and I can tell you that coaches who can deliver this are golden!

What every single person who ever seeks help really wants is what I call the FIRE Factor, and every coach, in fact, every entrepreneur that delivers a service, must be able to deliver it to grow a thriving business.

FIRE is an acronym for Fast Impressive Results EasilyTM

FIRE Logo with BylineIt’s what every one of us is after whenever we reach out to others for help, whether we pay for the help or not. And it’s doubly true when we pay for it. Only when we believe that we are going to get impressive results faster and easier than we can get on our own are we willing to trust another person to help us. And without that trust, we won’t even invest our time or energy, much less our money.

No one is willing to pay someone else for results that are no better, faster or easier than they can get on their own. And trying to convince someone to do business with us when we can’t promise Fast Impressive Results Easily, and deliver on that promise right up front, is generally a losing proposition.

We can waste years of time and a small fortune in money sending out messages such as, “I help people transform their lives” with little to no return on our investment because such messages fall on deaf ears and leave more questions than answers. General messages like that have no appeal, no FIRE – no promise of the fast, impressive results, and ease of application people crave.

Most coaches don’t promise FIRE because they can’t deliver it. But, imagine that you could.

Imagine being able to promise your clients a fast, impressive solution to their most urgent problem, and being so certain that you could easily on that promise that you could confidently offer to provide a 100% money back guarantee, or even to provide proof before the client invested a single cent.

Do you suppose promises like that would instill trust, or at least make your ideal client want to give you a try?

Let’s play with that for a moment. Suppose you were my ideal client and I made that promise to you?

My ideal clients are coaches and transformational entrepreneurs who want to become coaches; who love helping people live full, happy, successful lives, and who want those same things for themselves.

The urgent need of my ideal clients is having a really effective way to grow and sustain a thriving coaching business. I define a thriving business as one that provides a good living in a way that fits comfortably with the caring nature of coaches, and that is fun, fascinating, and freeing, as well as financially sound.

Now, suppose I promised to show you a truly impressive way to get all of that faster and easier, and told you that it wouldn’t cost you a cent to both see and experience a way to have it.

Would you be interested in finding out how I would deliver on that promise? You would, if you really wanted a thriving coaching business. And making such a specific promise, is beneficial to both of us in two ways.

  1. If you are serious about growing a thriving coaching business, you are my ideal client and the promise gives you a risk-free way to make me prove that I can deliver what you need. And if I do deliver, you learn about a powerful new way to get all the clients you want in a fun, fascinating and freeing way, and can then decide whether you want to add that resource to your business.

  2. If you already have all the clients you want and are not interested in growing your business, or if you are not a coach and don’t want to become one, the promise will not appeal to you, and you will deselect yourself so you aren’t wasting your time or mine.

In either case, we both win.

So, here’s a question for you – Are you able to promise your prospective clients Fast Impressive Results Easily and deliver on that promise right up front? I hope so because nothing you can do will help you grow your business faster or easier. If you don’t already have a really impressive way to do that, it’s important to your future that you get one.

To help you understand the power of the FIRE Factor, I’m going to practice what I preach and make you an offer that you won’t want to refuse if you want to be an extraordinary coach with a thriving business. It’s an offer I don’t make lightly, and I don’t want you to take it lightly either for two reasons:

  1. What I am offering will require about an hour of my time, which is a priceless investment that I am only willing to make in dedicated coaches who are determined to make a significant difference in people’s lives, including their own.

  2. What I am offering is one of the most powerful life-changing and game-changing tools on the planet. It can literally redirect your life, and the lives of your cleints, and set you on a direct path to phenomenal success, and I want to make sure I’m putting it in the right hands.

If you take this offer as seriously as I give it, I will make you two more promises. I promise that you will love what you discover, and the results you personally get, and I promise that I will not try to sell you a single thing. If you aren’t so impressed with the what you experience that you are asking me to tell you how you can add this tool to your toolkit, that conversation will never occur.

The gift I’m offering is our Success-GPS assessment and discovery session. Success-GPS is unsurpassed for attracting the right prospective clients and giving them such an impressive result in just a few minutes that the majority of them sell themselves on becoming a client. And since enthusiastic clients tend to refer other people, you’ll soon have people waiting to work with you.

The Success-GPS assessment will help you get very clear on what you are doing, or not doing, to get the results you are currently getting so you can get laser-focused on exactly what to adjust, and in what order, to get the results you want in the fastest, most efficient way possible. And I’ll show you how to use it to do the same for your clients.

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