The Quantum Leap Coaching Model

The Quantum Leap coaching model is decidedly different from the typical coaching model in two important ways:

  1. It gives people the opportunity to arrive at their own best answers but doesn’t assume that people seeking help always have the answers. In many cases, they don’t.

    Where traditional coaching takes an approach similar to therapy, Quantum Leap coaching takes an approach more like athletic and performance coaching. When coaching clients are progressing well on their own, Quantum Leap coaches are on the sidelines cheering them on. And when they are making mistakes that they can’t see or process effectively, Quantum Leap coaches step in, the way an athletic or performance coach does, and help their clients correct their course so they quickly become proficient. Quantum Leap coaches can do this for the same reasons that athletic and performance coaches can, they have playbooks, they know the rules of the game they are coaching, they know and can help their clients develop the foundational factors for success, and they know what produces star quality results.

  2.  Quantum Leap Coaches know that time is the most precious asset anyone has, and they know that to best serve their clients they need the means to get them where they want to go in the fastest, most effective and efficient way possible.

    They have an edge no other coach has. We call it the FIRE Factor. FIRE is an acronym for Fast Impressive Results Easily, and the ability to produce that is a huge edge. Quantum Leap coaches can get their clients further in a few hours than ordinary coaches and even most therapists are able to do in months and even years. 

    Clients return to Quantum Leap coaches again and again because they know they will get impressive results faster and easier than they can get anywhere else. 

    The FIRE Factor is the claim to fame for Quantum Leap Coaches. It's what sets them apart from all the other coaches and change agents out there, and we take that maintaining that very seriously. 

    Every product, program, and method we teach has passed the FIRE test, and so have the coaches by the time they receive certification.  And to be sure Quantum Leap coaches continue to be among the best on the planet, we provide continual support and require continual application of Quantum Leap coaching skills to ensure they stay sharp and highly effective.

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