The Quantum Leap Coaching Model

The Quantum Leap coaching model is decidedly different from the typical coaching model in two important ways:

  1. It gives people the opportunity the arrive at their own best answers, but doesn’t assume that people seeking help always have the answers. In many cases, they don’t.

    Where traditional coaching takes an approach similar to therapy, Quantum Leap coaching takes an approach more like athletic and performance coaching. When coaching clients are progressing well on their own, Quantum Leap coaches are on the sidelines cheering them on. And when they are making mistakes that they can’t see or process effectively, Quantum Leap coaches step in, the way a athletic or performance coaches do, and help their clients correct their course so they quickly become proficient. Quantum Leap coaches can do for the same reasons that athletic and performance coaches can, they have playbooks, they know the rules of the game, and they know what produces star quality results.

  2.   The goal is to achieve results fast. Although Quantum Leap coaches have long term programs for clients who need them, the primary goal is to get clients very far, very fast.

    The claim to fame for Quantum Leap Coaches is the FIRE factor – the ability to provide clients with Fast Impressive Results Easily. Every product, program and method we teach Quantum Leap coaches has passed the FIRE test, and so have the coaches by the time they receive certification.