Sallie-Ann Macklin

Sallie-Ann Macklin
Sallie-Ann Macklin
  • Quantum Leap Specialist
  • CORE MAP Certified Facilitator
  • RAMP Practitioner
  • Success-GPS Coach
Sallie-Ann Macklin
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Life is an amazing experience, if we allow it to be.... if we choose it. I met Sherry a couple of weeks before I received my cancer diagnosis. Part way through my cancer journey I reached out to Sherry and said that I could no longer "do" cancer and that I wanted to learn all about her Quantum Leap Products and so I started. One month after my last chemo, I was on a plane from Sydney, Australia flying to Dallas. These products have 100% turned my life upside down, inside out and flipped everything on it's head - in a good way. I am now connected to who I was born to be - creating the life that I love and the one I want to live and in so doing, helping others do the same. These products - literally saved my life. I am forever grateful that I have these tools in my life. If you are thinking of taking this training - stop thinking - JUST DO IT! If it is to sign up with one of the facilitators or to add these tools to your personal kit - it will be one of the best decisions that you have ever made.
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