Success as a Specialty


Everyone is seeking to succeed at something personal effectiveness, generating income, maintaining nurturing relationships, being a great parent-spouse-friend-employee, living a happy life, staying fit and healthy… and, although the goal might be different from person to person, the means for achieving and sustaining that goal is always the same.

There are very specific qualities every individual must develop internally, before they are able to take the external steps and maintain the momentum. No matter how much we desire an outcome, we won’t be successful at creating it without first having the foundational qualities in place.

You can learn what the foundational qualities are by downloading the free guide, 12 Foundational Factors for Success, from the home page of this site.Learning what these essential factors are is a great start because the first step in any development process is awareness, but for the vast majority of people, actually developing the qualities so they can claim the foundational factors and gain lasting success is a real challenge; one most can’t accomplish on their own.

Studies continually suggest that less than 3% of people are able to succeed on their own, and there are several reasons for that.

brainscanOne is the way the brain reacts to stress.Not succeeding at something we think we should be able to do, or at least figure out, is stressful and we add to the stress by being self-critical when we fail to get the results we want. Without help, few people can break the stress cycle

barscircleAnother reason is that everyone has blind spots and filtersthat we cannot get past on our own. We all need an outside perspective to be able to see what we are blind to.

Still another reason is all the erroneous information out there in the self-help worldthat leads people to believe they can succeed in ways that don’t really work. A classic example of that is the often given advice to repeat affirmations over and over again. While that might help a few people under certain circumstances, for most it’s a prescription for failure. Another is the typical advice for goal setting, which also leads to failure more often than success. And with too many attempts that fail, most people get discouraged and just give up.

postitsThe Quantum Leap System is a coaching specialty that provides coaches with the tools and training to help clients develop the foundational qualities essential to lasting success. With the foundation in place and fully functioning, success in any arena and on just about any level is possible.

No matter what niche a coach works within, the foundational qualities help clients achieve their goals faster and easier, and better maintain and expand upon the successes they achieve.

successWith the foundational factors for success in place, all other coaching becomes more effective and lasting. And having that foundation not only helps a coach accelerate success for their clients, it also accelerates success for the coach.

Quantum leap is defined as “a sudden, highly significant advance; a breakthrough to a new level or plane of existence, a great improvement or important advance in something.” Coaches who provide results that like for their clients are in high demand and when they can do it faster, easier and more effectively than 90% of other coaches, their perceived value is also very high. They can choose the clients they work with and their client don’t haggle over price.

To achieve Quantum Leap results, you have to have the foundational factors for in place. That’s the reason those factors have been the focus of our research and development for more than 30 years, and the reason all of our products and programs are designed to give coaches the tools they need to claim success as a specialty, and deliver on that claim.