"My experience with the CORE MAP was nothing less than life changing. For years I had wondered why I felt that there was something deep inside of me that wasn’t being expressed but couldn’t pinpoint what it was or how to bring it out, it was so deeply buried. Through my facilitation it became quite clear that I was living in the way that I had been raised and nurtured to live and that the “real” me, who I was born to be by nature, was what was desperately crying to come out and be known. Once I embraced this life dramatically changed for me, not overnight of course but I now live and experience life on a whole different level, one in which I am who I was born to be!

After seeing what CORE MAP did for me, I decided to add this tool to my coaching practice. As a result, I have witnessed the same, and for some even more powerful and dramatic transformations, as I had in hundreds of clients. Many of my clients had tried numerous other methods of counseling and therapy, and only found the results that they had been searching for and a true understanding of themselves through CORE MAP. There is nothing out there tha can compare to CORE MAP for making a profound difference in the lives of so many people."

Jeannie Anderson - Coach and Director of Lifesigns - Sweetwater, TN

In spite of taking dozens of assessments, there was always something missing. I was always unsure of who I was authentically. After taking the COREMAP Assessment I was so impressed with the product that I built my coaching/consulting business around it. It is the most powerful assessment I have ever encountered. It truly changes people's lives.

Bruce Chodosh - Leadership Coach - Isle of Palms, SC 

After having done 18 years of personal development work and attending hundreds of hours of seminars, trainings and weekend courses, I met Sherry and had my COREMAP done.  I will have to say that in my now 28 years of continuous personal development work, Sherry's feedback to me on my CORE MAP results was THE MOST significant event in my life.

That's saying a lot given all the work I've done and the exposure I've had to some very powerful trainers, speakers and coaches in my life.  It changed the direction and trajectory of my life so that I could finally live in the energy and power of who I really am.  I'm still in awe, after all these years, of what Sherry has created and how she shows up in life for others.  I use all of her products in my coaching/training business and eagerly await anything else she might create. 

 Marc Schwartz - Leadership Coach and International Trainer - Fort Worth, TX 

"Taking CORE MAP changed my life. I realized that I had been operating from a survival mode that no longer worked in my best interest. With the help of CORE MAP my true self was revealed to me. CORE MAP is the best instrument I have ever come across for personal and professional development."

Cecilia Engquist - Envision Global Leadership, Inc - Houston, TX

I have found the CORE MAP to be extremely useful with my clients.  The profile not only is very accurate regarding the personality characteristics of my clients, but the process offers helpful insights and suggestions for clients toward understanding themselves and their functioning in the world.  Sherry's work is elegant in assessment.  She and her staff are always helpful, offer tremendous support to clinicians, and are generally among the best people I have ever known.

Patricia White, PhD - Eugene, OR

CORE MAP and, Sherry’ book, The Law of Abundance, helped me define who I am in my life and discover things I want to pursue.  Sherry, thank you for helping me discover my unknown strengths and my passion in life and for helping me turn them into great and exciting possibilities!”  

Rita Stankus - CEO and Producer of ALoHA Pictures - Miami, FL

As my company's employee development and training director I have many opportunities and tools available to positively impact employee and organizational development.  None of them matched the overwhelmingly positive impact that CORE MAP has on our employees and ultimately their family members.

We have experienced significant performance improvements in every sector of our business where CORE assessments and tools were and are implemented.  The additional and more significant benefit as I see it is that the employees that seriously implement the recommendations for personal and professional improvement are happier, more productive and less stressed in their daily lives.

By implementing CORE MAP in our Call Center we reversed a 60% employee attrition rate to Zero over a month period of time.  This particular organization was unhealthy, non-productive, had significant interpersonal conflict issues amongst the employees and was deemed non-customer centric.  Customers routinely complained about the way they were treated by the Call Center employees. Upon completion of the CORE process we experienced a significant and immediate improvement in employee performance, interpersonal relationships and customer satisfaction.  Revenue collections also improved far beyond our initial expectations.

Wim Wetzel - HR and OD Director - Telecom Company - Dallas, TX 
(Now retired and living in Washington State - Author of Empty Open Hands)

The best part of waking up this past 10 years has not been Maxwell House coffee; it has been the addition of 3 exquisite tools from Dr. Sherry Buffington allowing me to strengthen my Executive and Personal Performance Coaching business with amazing clients who achieve exceptional results.

Dr. Sherry Buffington is deeply beloved and respected for her graciousness, brilliance, creativity, generosity, and the non-stop sustainable results people experience from the cutting-edge tools she creates. She makes a mammoth difference in others’ lives.

There are thousands of people who have recovered their authentic selves, gotten back their healthy lives, restored their relationships, grabbed back their sanity, found their self confidence, or recovered their physical health as a result of her work. Her tools allow people to flip their Joy switch back ON to live lives of love and peace instead of quiet desperation.

One brilliant tool she created is the CORE MAP (Multidimensional Awareness Profile) - a five-star personal growth assessment that has no comparable competition in the market place for parallel results. It allows clients to move themselves forward exponentially faster than with traditional coaching or often traditional counseling.

One executive flew into the states from Nigeria to do work in the Midwest. I connected him with Sherry and he chose to cancel all his appointments for two days, flew to Dallas to meet her and experience his CORE MAP. Then he flew a veteran CORE MAP facilitator/trainer to Nigeria to introduce CORE MAP and coaching to several business executives there.

Client testimonial after testimonial tells the CORE MAP/Sherry Buffington story best and in words richer than a Beverly Hills Wolfgang Puck chocolate mousse. 

 Jill Pickett - Master Coach - Houston TX 

Testimonials from Some of Jill's Clients:

“My CORE MAP profile has been such a gift. It allowed me to explore uncharted areas of my personality gently and fully supported. I love my new skin.”

Chief Psychologist - Federal Bureau of Prisons - New York

“CORE MAP has helped me find my way back to my default mode; that state of mind in which I can feel my true inner self pour out of me without having to use any energy.  I now wake up in the morning looking forward to meeting a new day instead of spending time wondering who I might be and how I am going to present myself in front of others. It is as if I can use all that brain power that went wasted to now be focused on the really important issues in my life, like family, friends and my interests. I'm back!”

Alexander Benz - Professional Photographer -World Museum Curator - Studying for his masters in Applied Psychology -Stockholm, Sweden


“My CORE MAP experience has been transformational. I took a journey of self-discovery that was truly astounding.”

 Julie Dean, Life Coach - Lobethal, South Australia


“I have been incredibly blessed with CORE MAP coaching. The most treasured gift given to me is the ‘Gift of Swagger,’…that confident strut that people cannot help but be attracted to.”

 Ann Lovern - Former Executive, Ford Dealership-family owned - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Continued from Jill...

A second brilliant tool Dr. Buffington created is RAMP (Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning), a technique that allows a client to access their subconscious mind and be completely awake and alert during the process of addressing key issues and clearing them for good. To actually hear and experience one’s own subconscious mind and make changes in the moment that positively shift one’s life is beyond extraordinary.

I have recommended RAMP over the years to several clients and those who chose to do it have become grateful devotees of Sherry and the healing powers of RAMP.

Her third brilliant tool is The Law of Abundance book she authored. I heard Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author) on an international training call last Spring acknowledge having read Sherry’s book while on a flight home and found it to be one of the finest books he has ever read. He urged all on the call (hundreds of us) to get a copy and read it.

Many of my clients were confused by the movie The Secret and The Law of Attraction tenets. When they followed the rules for The Law of Attraction they were unsuccessful in receiving what they had envisioned and affirmed and did not understand why. The Law of Abundance makes is really clear why many people don't get results applying law of attraction methods; the attraction is only part of the story. Now we have the exact formula for abundance and the science that goes with it. The Law of Abundance is... the rest of the story.

NOTE: Success-GPS was derived from the precise and predictable laws presented in The Law of Abundance

“I have a very successful career but over time it has brought me less and less joy, and little satisfaction. The trappings of money or recognition are no longer enough to block out the pain of living inauthentically. My conditioned behavior had dominated my life and this has been very painful. As I get older the need to be who I was designed to be has become stronger and stronger. So much so that I can no longer turn a deaf ear. The power of this tool has not only met but has exceeded my expectations. My biggest surprise is that I have been operating for a lifetime as an ‘Organizer’ when I am a true ‘Commander/ Entertainer.’ For years I have hidden my ‘Commander.’ My ‘Organizer’ is very developed and has a natural tendency to take over.

CORE MAP has given me valuable insights into myself and others. When you begin to understand yourself it is easier to relate to and understand others as well. Learning how to better communicate has enhanced my relationships in very positive ways.

I think every person on the planet should have the benefit of this experience. I feel so empowered now. I easily move past judgments and assumptions that once kept me frozen and am fascinated to find that rather than getting sucked into the dramas of other people, I am able to simply observe and learn. With this wonderful change of perspective I am now moving forward effortlessly in ways that support myself and others, and that are truly representative of my strengths, convictions, joy, understanding and LOVE.”

Deborah Henderson, Chicago, IL    

"I had spent almost two years “searching” for answers, and while I was getting closer, I had the wrong perceptions of myself, my skills, and especially what I love and should be doing in the world. When I learned about CORE MAP, I was skeptical that I would learn anything new and of value. What I learned was not only new, but of tremendous value in shifting my paradigm of myself and the possibilities I see for myself. It opened up a world of opportunities that look much more fun and enjoyable than the ones I saw for myself previously. I have a completely new perspective and appreciation for who I am and how I’m “wired.” My authentic self, which CORE MAP revelad has become my framework for evaluating what I want to do and where I choose to be in life. If everyone on the planet could do this work – go deep inside themselves and know themselves better, all would show up in the world awake and authentic.”

Julie van Zande, Austin, TX

“I had been achieving the same level of success, some ups and downs, but about the same level for many years – not bad but getting boring and not moving ahead toward my goals. More and more, my personal satisfaction with my day to day activities as well as my “dream” life was decreasing. I was looking for something new, exciting and achievable. From Laurie, and the CORE MAP process, I was expecting a fresh approach from others that I have tried that would move me forward from the place where I seem to be stuck. I was a bit depressed, not feeling like I was making a difference in my life or anyone else’s. The love and respect I received from others was not meaningful because I wasn’t feeling it for myself due to not making a difference in anyone’s life.

Now, I am looking at WHAT I do as well as WHEN I do it to create a more satisfying life experience. I have already re-arranged the way I do things (increased office help, for instance) and am more patient with myself. The frustration I was once dealing with is gone and I'm a much nicer to be around!”

ShellyPietrzak, Chicago, IL


I have worked with countless instruments that provide information about an individual based on their responses to a series of questions. I even completed my doctorate on one. I was skeptical, then, when I first heard of the CORE MAP and I believed it to be a watered down version of other more substantial instruments. Imagine my shock, then, when I found this profile to be amazingly accurate and on-point for me. I heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about themselves or wants to address long-standing issues that may be standing in the way of their personal effectiveness.

Ollie Malone, Jr., Ph.D. – Pennzoil

I have been hearing great things from both managers and employees regarding the CORE Profile and training. Communication is improving and stress levels seem to be diminishing. I highly recommend the CORE assessment personally and professionally.

Linda Dorsey, Sr. Training & Education Rep. – NEC Unified Solutions


CORE MAP has been an exceptional tool for hiring. I am especially impressed with the part 3 results which are right on in predicting current behavior and development as well as EQ. I have used many assessments, but none measure up to CORE.

Jason Arenburg – AB Group, Inc.

CORE MAP is a huge success and is even winning over the skeptics as they see how accurately the profile predicts how someone will do on the job. The benchmark you helped us create for hiring is proving to be very accurate and valuable as well.

Tim Cocklin – New Homes Realty, Inc.


We have looked at hundreds of assessments over the years, hoping to find one that would actually deliver the depth of information we were after. None did before now. I’m very impressed with what can be gleaned from CORE MAP.

Jeff Kaye, Kaye-Bassman Int’l


Unlike other personality tests I’ve taken in the past, CORE MAP gave me a more complete picture of how I saw myself vs. how I really am. Seeing where those areas aligned was very powerful, and has helped confirm some gut feelings I had about where I want to head, and where I want to make some changes. My assessment is that it was a much more complete valuation of all parts of the person tested. I’d recommend it highly.

Willie Baronet – GroupBaronet

The CORE MAP and the follow-up coaching was “just what the Dr. ordered”. It was insightful in pointing out where my true passion and motivation lies. I felt empowered to create a more satisfying life. Other assessment instruments don’t go far enough. CORE MAP not only told me about my strengths, but raised my awareness of personal liabilities. It hit the nail right on the head.

Dale Perryman – Consultant

I benefited extensively from my CORE MAP profile, both in terms of the information it provided and in terms of how it was presented. I had been through personality profiling before, as an undergraduate, a Naval Officer, a graduate student and as a corporate employee (the MBTI in the last instance). Though I often found the process interesting, I left only with information, not actionable information. From the CORE MAP profile, I was able to understand some very unproductive behaviors in ways that were entirely new to me. The “aha” moment came when I realized how I had begun to rely on old, ineffective behaviors as my primary way of approaching situations. Though I had felt this to be the case, I had never before been able to verbalize and understand it so clearly. I left our review session with both excitement and a renewed belief that other, more productive aspects of my personality were either accessible within me or in a latent state and capable of being developed. Since the initial session, I have used the CORE MAP framework, in conjunction with other tools, to look at the other areas of my personality that had been underdeveloped or ignored for years. I know that I am a great deal more than the few, basic behaviors that I had been using in the day-to-day living of my life, and through this process I have been able to name those other areas and take very concrete steps towards developing them. 

Colin Lindhal – Texas Instruments

Before I took the COREMAP assessment, I assumed it would be a very similar management profiling technique to many I have undergone over the course of my career. I was wrong! The assessment provided me with unique insights into what I desired from my career and highlighted conflicts between my needs and the path I had been pursuing for many years. I strongly recommend this process for anyone wishing to have a better understanding of themselves, but particularly to those making significant career decisions. It helped me jettison the baggage and zero in on the career choices that will be personally fulfilling and have the highest likelihood of success.

Charles Drayton – Dallas, Texas


“My personal and professional enthusiasm, and consequent endorsement, of the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile knows no bounds. I would describe my life as a seven out of ten before taking the CORE profile. Yet, as a lifestyle coach, I wanted ten out of ten. I knew I had yet to experience that elusive state called ‘flow.’  In one personal coaching session fifteen years of internal conflict and tension became clear. Suddenly, I understood that the reason I never felt quite right in my own soul was because it wasn’t really my soul. It was the soul of the woman I thought I had to be. My journey since the CORE MAP experience has been liberating and empowering. Each day I glimpse more of that authentic woman I was always meant to become and I know that CORE MAP has been a faithful mirror that has helped me to see my true self for the very first time.”

Rebeka Rosenthal – San Antonio, Texas


“I realized about twenty years ago that something was wrong, either with me or with the world around me. I began a lengthy pursuit of the truth as to which was which. I waded through hordes of self-help books, attended seminars, even spent seven years in conventional therapy with no positive result. The CORE profile and your self-discovery program were a Godsend, and a stellar example of the type of work that can benefit all of mankind. A thousand thank-you’s.”

Frank Hanrahan – Ottawa, Canada


"Thanks to you and your work (my son) has turned a very important corner at a very troubled time in his life. I really believe that if you hadn’t come along, his life would have taken a completely different, and not positive, direction. But with your help he has been able to be honest about issues that had been festering in him for a very long time. What a blessing you have been. The CORE MAP Profile is such a revolutionary program. It has the potential to benefit many people for a long time to come. I will always be grateful for such a tremendous gift!”

Carol Bunting - Sachse, TX


“Thank you for taking the time to review my CORE profile with me. I brought it back to work and shared the information you gave me with my boss. He’s decided (based on the information) to assign me to a job site in Mexico where I will increase my salary by 50%! Thank you so much for giving me the understanding and the courage to know and ask for what I want. People often look for miracles in their lives. You were mine!”

Mara Landiver - Dalas, TX 


“IT WAS LIFE CHANGING. This is the best way I can describe your CORE Profile. Even though I have spent years on my own personal development, I still discovered a new awareness of myself (and who I really am) that I am really excited about. After experiencing your program, I believe that the first timer, just starting on the path of self-discovery, as well as those who have studied personal development for a long time, can benefit immensely from the CORE Profile.”

Harriet Meyerson – The Confidence Center – Dallas, Texas

“It is hard to express in words how grateful I am that our paths crossed. I feel as if I have finally been given permission to live my lige in the way I want. I now have a glimpse of a door opening to endless possibilities all because of you and the CORE MAP Profile.”

Kelly Stokes – Carrollton, Texas


“You cannot put a price on the immense value that CORE MAP has for people. Waht you have to offer is exactly what the world needs. I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to experience this remarkable tool.

Cynthia Dee – Newark, NJ