I've always sought how to do things FASTER, BETTER, & EASIER.  To that end, I've searched for and experienced multiple methodologies, therapies and mental/emotional processes that I thought could help me move through my own personal blocks and barriers.  Unfortunately, most took months and even years of effort to see results, and I just had no desire to do that.

When I experienced RAMP I knew this was the holy grail.  To be able to reach the base of my own subconscious and explode out the old line beliefs that have kept me stuck for years and do so in hours or minutes was a God send.   I sincerely believe that Sherry's RAMP technology is one of the most important therapeutic discoveries of recent times.  

Marc Schwartz - Leadership Coach and International Trainer - Fort Worth, TX

The RAMP technique has been invaluable in my coaching practice.  It has been very instrumental in helping me help my clients remove blocks that have been present for many years and allowed them to experience breakthroughs they had not been able to experience on their own or through other methods.  It not only removes blocks, it removes them permanently!  I love this exceptionally effective technique and have made it an integral and important part of my coaching practice.  Being introduced to Sherry and her team has been truly life changing for me personally and professionally.  

Joe Sweeney - Life Coach - Lincoln, NE

When I lost my wife, it was a very sad time for me. My life changed dramatically, and nothing seemed to have value anymore without her. Sherry offered me the opportunity to go through the RAMP process to reduce the pain of the loss. After an hour and a half session, Sherry had helped me reprogram my subconscious to associate a more happy memory of my wife and our time together as opposed to focusing just on the loss. It drastically helped my recovery back to a "new normal" life to start over. I am forever grateful to Sherry and RAMP for helping me through one of the most difficult periods in my life.

Scott Espy - Director of Sales, NEC America - Dallas, TX

I did a RAMP session with Dr. Buffington in 2004 because I was dealing with issues that were so deeply rooted that I was not even sure when or where they began, but know they were having a direct effect on my present life. What I discovered through this session was beyond anything I could have expected. Not only did it uncover what the issues were, but it allowed me to directly deal with them in a safe, comfortable, and calm setting. Since the day of my session, I no longer struggle with those insecurities and have been able to face challenges in a whole different light and state of mind. Once again, Dr. Buffington has brought a tool to us that transforms lives and lets us live true to who we were born to be! 

Jeannie Anderson - Coach and Director of Lifesigns - Sweetwater, TN

RAMP is amazing!  In one very brief RAMP session where we worked on my fear of talking to people about my direct marketing business, I found the fear was completely gone. The very day of the session I discovered I had no resistance to making phone calls and talking to people. I thought that was pretty amazing. Then over the next few months I realized I had overcome a lot fears, some I didn't even realize I had!  My fear of water, fear of heights, fear of being alone, fear of entering vacant homes--so many "small" things that have really made a BIG difference in my life.  I feel more confident and self-assured and I owe this to Sherry and RAMP! 

DeeAnne Whetstone - Salt Lake City, UT

It’s remarkable how one short session with you has produced a subtle, yet powerful shift that is hard to describe. It might resonate with you if I say that it feels like ‘the captain is back on the bridge’. Despite the storms and tides of life's constantly changing conditions, I am now aware of an emergent confidence and capacity that lets me 'tell it like it is' both to myself and others. I feel like I have a new platform for being real and a basis on which to rebuild or perhaps rediscover my character without the fear that I'm going to undermine or sabotage what I create.

Paul Macklin - Coach and Trainer - Sydney, Australia

“I battled social shyness for years and nothing I did, from therapy to medication, helped much. I was resigned to living life in the shadows when I discovered RAMP. I am now able to step out with confidence and accomplish the goals I had only been able to dream about before. RAMP has completely transformed my life. It is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced.”

Eldridge Du Fauchard - Coach - Las Vegas, NV

“I feel I am a very successful person having spent over 45 years working in healthcare and holding many positions. Once retiring from that arena and going into my own business I found that issues that were once taken care of by being an employee showed up. After going to the class in Dallas I had the opportunity of experiencing Dr. Buffington's RAMP method to address some of those issues which allowed me to move ahead with much more confidence than before. I was able to develop greater self worth, self-confidence and eliminate the fear of rejection. All of which were holding me back from moving forward in my business. I now know that I have the ability to "go for it" and move quicker toward my goals and not wait for the perfect time. I will continue to use this amazing process as other issues come to the surface.

Judy Menlo - Detroit, MI

RAMP has helped not only me but my entire family, I felt for so many years that I was stuck on ‘3 to get ready’ and couldn't get myself to take the leap of faith and make things happen in my business and personal life.  I always knew as an image consultant sometimes people needed help on the outside to feel good on the inside while others needed to start within; I was no exception. Through RAMP I was able to move forward and have closure from past experiences allowing me to finally take that leap of faith and move forward.  I no longer feel the thought barriers in my thinking that once held me back and the weight of my past is gone. I have given myself permission from my head (what I know to be true) to my heart (the reality of what is) and truly love what I am doing with my personal and business life.  

Kim Mittelstadt - Coach and Image Consultant - San Antonio, TX

I just met with my best friend, Anna, who has been raving about your work all week!  We have been friends for 18 years and worked together for over 10 years. She has studied and experienced many modalities such as, EFT, NLP, the Sedona Method and hypnotherapy, and even became an EFT practitioner a few years back, so she is no stranger to techniques designed to produce rapid change. But, after just one RAMP session, I have seen a huge shift in her and in the way that she functions in her life. I have never seen her so energized and significantly impacted by any technique and, quite frankly, I'm experiencing a case of "I'll have what she's having!"  When can we schedule an appointment? 

Becky Smith - Philadelhpia, PA