I use the Success-GPS model as the foundation for all of my coaching with my clients.  My talks, group and individual coaching programs center around the Law of Abundance and the Success-GPS model.  It makes so much more sense to use a tool that is proven to get people results quicker than what I can do through traditional coaching methods.  I also believe my clients appreciate that there is a scientific model that takes the guess work out of understanding what is keeping them stuck or unfulfilled.  

I use Success-GPS (as well as CORE Map and RAMP) as my unique selling proposition… it is what makes me different from other coaches out there and gives me an edge most don’t have. I gift the Success-GPS assessment because I believe everyone has the right to know what is keeping them stuck, regardless if they choose to hire a coach or not. It’s a free service that I feel good about sharing, and it gives me the opportunity to meet people and build trust. 

Based on the results from the Success-GPS assessment and a brief consultation, I am able to formulate a customized coaching package that is specific to that individual’s needs.  Even my coaching worksheets are based on the GPS model.  It’s an easy system to follow, my clients’ get results much quicker, and I am having fun doing what I love! The bottom line is, when you have a system that can pinpoint exactly what is keeping clients stuck, amd can get them results so much quicker than traditional coaching would allow, it is the BEST feeling in the world. You can't put a price tag on being able to help people in this way!  

Cassie Schuh - Zaptastic Coaching - Appleton, WI

As a leadership development coach and consultant helping people unlock their potential to lead themselves well, I have found the Success-GPS assessment and The Law of Abundance energy model to be invaluable!  Success-GPS works as an awesome diagnostic tool to focus our work in helping clients get where they want to go as quickly as possible. Then we teach clients about the energy model which equips them to become much more self-sustaining. They are able to self-identify what they need to work on, and know what to get help with when they are not getting their desired outcomes as quickly and efficiently as they might. Another exciting thing is how well Success-GPS works with teams as well as with individuals!  When we get individuals and the whole team on a positive energy path… great things happen!  Thanks for creating such a wonderful tool and model for unlocking our greatest untapped resource… human potential!

Kevin Stoffel - Strong People Systems - Denver, CO

I have read The Law of Abundance 4 times already and get something new out of it each and every time.  Being a successful Life Coach specializing in "Law of Attraction" principles, I have found this to be one of the best books I've ever read on the subject of getting what you want from life.  It is an easy to understand guide on how to apply the greater "Law of Abundance" into your life and does it in a practical, no-nonsense manner.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who truly wants to make changes in their life and to experience abundance on a daily basis.

Joe Sweeney - Life Coach - Lincoln, NE